So what do REALTORS do other than sell houses?

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The agents in many local real estate companies across the country get involved in charity and special cause fund raisers, and go the extra mile to support their local communities, but on a larger scale one of the main focuses of the REALTOR organization is to protect the rights of property owners. With the National Association of REALTORS being one of the largest trade organizations in our country, they have a lot of clout. The Massachusetts REALTORS newsletter just posted the following information.

“The end of the MA legislative session was a busy one for Realtors® with five bills successfully defeated. Most notable was a mandatory energy labeling bill that would have disrupted sales and negatively impacted homes values. Realtors® were also successful in defeating Room Occupancy Taxes, Real Estate Transfer Taxes, Anti-Production Zoning Legislation, and a Wetlands Bill.”

These items, if passed, could have been devastating to property values and the enjoyment of home ownership. So if you know a local REALTOR, say thanks for their work in our community, state & nation.
Thanks – Art Hillman

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