What’s the most important thing about buying a home?

Define your goals (clearly determine the reasons you’re buying and what kind of home your looking for), research your options (examine your current financial situation and determine what you can comfortably afford), then make your plans including the timing of events.

What are the steps involved in buying a home?

  1. Contact a local, professional real estate agent with market knowledge, experience and a good track record to represent you as your Buyers Agent.
  2. Get pre-approved for a home purchase loan. Compare what local banks and credit unions have to offer.
  3. View homes with your agent, select two or three and do an in-depth comparison compared to your original (or modified) goals.
  4. Make an offer and negotiate the terms and price with the seller through your respective agents.
  5. Secure the financing with your chosen lender. (It’s crucial to fully understand your financing decisions and work closely with professional people that you trust.)
  6. Close the transaction by doing the final walkthrough and attend the closing where you’ll sign the papers, hand over the money and get your keys.

What’s the best way to compare the properties we look at?

Work with your agent to develop a “Property Checklist” with your top priority wants and needs at the top of the list and for each property, rank each item on the list: 1, 2 or 3.

Is it important to have a home inspection?

Yes, even for new construction. Your Buyer Agent can recommend several licensed home inspectors, with good track records that will evaluate the quality of the homes construction, systems and appliances.

When is it a good time to buy?

If you’re financially qualified, you’ve done your planning and market conditions are favorable for buyers, it’s a good time to start the process.

Is there a formula to determine how much to offer on a property?

No, a seller’s price can be above or below estimated market value. Your agent will give you guidance on the amount and terms that would be a reasonable offer to the seller.

What, other than price, is important in making an offer?

Trying to understand and accommodate the seller’s priorities and motivation to sell is sometimes more important to the seller that just price.

What’s the best way to guarantee a successful outcome?

Stick to your plan and budget, work with a Buyer Agent and mortgage person you trust and have shared all your information and concerns with. Have a real estate attorney review your contracts before you sign them and lead you through the legal process.

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